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Local Resources



  • Homer Cycling Club: Some say that we haven't had a "sustainable" form of transportation since the bicycle was invented.  check out the Cycling Club's Facebook page for upcoming events, discussions and how to get involved.

  • Cycle Logical:  Head over to our local bike shop for tune-ups, bikes and gear, even studded tires for winter riding.  During the summer, look for these guys down at the Farmers' Market selling bicycle-powered smoothies.  Check out their store out East End Road next to Redden Marine, check out their Facebook page, or call them at 226-2925

  • Homer Saw and Cycle:  These guys have bikes to rent as well as to buy along with any gear you could want. Visit the store at 1532 Ocean Drive or call 235-8406.  (And Claire lives off the grid and has wonderful perspectives if you ask her about alternative energy...)

  • Biking Paths:  There are plenty of places to bike around town, including the bike trail that goes from East Hill to Kachemak Drive or the Bike trail out on the Spit.  For a description of loops commonly taken in the area, check out this Visitor's Guide page from the Homer Tribune


  • Coordinated Transportation Plan - HOMER Area:  This could be our biggest step towards some form of public transportation.   Keep posted on upcoming meetings for public input. Download the coordination strategies for the Central Kenai Peninsula and Homer here. This plan involves vouchers for taxis, not a bus like one traditionally thinks  when thinking of public transportation.  For more information e-mail Anne Brooks or call 1-866-535-1877.

  • Homer Trolley Tours: This is a fun way to get around town, learn a bit, and support a local youth-lead business.  Alex Knudsen's business idea is chugging around all summer; pay once a day and use it all day however you like.  Call 235-2228 for details.

  • Ride Line:  Send out a Ride Line on the radio!  Call 235-7721for KBBI and get (or give) a ride up the road to Sodotna, Anchorage, or even all the way to the Lower 48!

  • Homer Stageline:  Ride the bus!  The Homer Stageline goes to Anchorage and Seward.


  • Alaska High Mountain Energy:  Check out the local electric vehicles down at Alaska High Mountain Energy in the Yurt Village.  Call Lanny at 299-0207 for more information. 

  • Homer Saw and Cycle has biking supplies and gear as well as an array of vehicles ranging from bicycles with motors to motor bikes to four wheelers, some of which have electric motors.  Visit the store at 1532 Ocean Drive or call 235-8406.


State-wide Resources
Other Resources
  • Set up a daily carpool or a one-time ride with someone in your neighborhood.

  • Learn about your carís efficiency and investigate the other options out there.


Because of our distance from major metropolitan centers, Alaskans have historically been very self-sufficient in terms of food production; hunting, fishing, and the gathering of local plants.  Over the years this has diminished and in our present-day Alaska much of our food comes from the grocery store. 

When looking into different areas of sustainability, a community must evaluate where its food comes from and how much energy it takes to get it.  In consideration of rising energy costs and the sizeable distance our food travels to get here, Alaskans must begin to see the importance of encouraging more local food production more than anyone in the Lower 48. Presently, Alaskan farmers only produce about 2% of Alaskans' food.

There is nothing better than eating what our local area has to offer, a practice that at the same time supports a local economy of producers and distributors.  So go to your local Farmers Market!


To contact us:

You can drop us a letter at:

Sustainable Homer, PO Box 1801, Homer, AK  99603

Phone: 907-235-6953


E-mail: info@sustainablehomer.org

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